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Visit Mel’s Place Open Fire Diner and Pizza Bar, a restaurant where your dining experience will be a combination of culture, intense passion and a taste of fire.

Our dynamic range of dishes have a hint of flavor that only smoke and flame can impart on food, while simultaneously being honest and authentic.

Mel’s Place is the only venue on the Garden Route offering Open Fire Cooking.

Join us during load shedding!


The cozy setting allows for two theatrical shows to be experienced at once – a live open fire cooking show on one side, and a musical performance on the other.

Relax with some live music while the fire crackles and the vino flows. Dining can also take place in the outside area under the stars, where lanterns and candles add to the welcoming atmosphere.

Food is prepared and served with care and pride.

Open Fire Diner restaurant Plettenberg Bay
Pizza Bar and Open fire Diner Restaurant Plettenberg Bay


The lead role in the cooking show is Chef Geert Van Kaathoven. The menu is a rich and authentic blend of South African, Meditteranean and German cuisine – all prepared on open fire.

Your palate is guaranteed to notice the “secret spice blend” generously added throughout the menu dishes.

Our restaurant offers guests a choice of traditional South African dishes from the Open Fire Diner, or something more familiar from our amazing Pizza Bar.

The Menu

Mel’s Pizza Bar